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Flow Requirements 1. The time required to fill the stack. 2. The capacity of your storage system. Flow Rate A compressor has two ratings for delivered flow rate: free air delivery (FAD) and average cylinder charge rate (CR). When the same compressor is rated using these two methods,.

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You can’t use the equation below up high in the mountains or at temperatures far from the air you’re breathing right now. When we multiply density (0.075) by specific heat (0.24) and also by 60, we get 1.08. The final equation looks like this: This is the equation I said you may have seen before.

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A plunger pushes liquid in the barrel at a rate of 4.0 mm/s. Calculate the flow rate of liquid in both parts of the syringe (in mL/s) and the velocity of the liquid emerging from the needle. Solution: First, calculate the area of both parts of the syringe: A 1 = π ( d 1 2) 2 = π ( 0.006) 2 = 1.13 × 10 − 4 m 2.

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